A place for rest and reunion with the authentic. Kuy Kuy is located in the Andean Araucanía, in Malalcahuello, at a privileged place, with a landscape crowned by the Lonquimay volcano, where each of the seasons of the year welcomes you with its charm. This sector, cradle of the Mapuche-Pehuenche culture, combines the tranquility of the age-old araucarias in the area, with the proximity to important National Parks such as Conguillio, the Malalcahuello National Reserve, the Kutralkura Geopark, Llaima, Lonquimay and Tolhuaca volcanoes, Nevados de Sollipulli, Icalma, Galletue and Conguillio lakes, as well as the Corralco ski center, which makes this area a unique place of calm and contact with the wild nature of the region all year long. We have rooms, inspired by the architecture of the Rukas Pehuenches, the perfect combination of rustic style and cozy atmosphere, so that you can enjoy your stay with us in full relaxation and comfort, disconnect and reconnect with one of the most precious spaces in the world: Nature in all its Force Strength and Life. Our location in the heart of the Chilean Patagonia offers multiple alternatives of activities, from Astro-Tourism, visits to the different national parks that surround us, walking trails, practicing winter sports, or relaxing in one of the hot springs in the area and share experiences with our neighboring native people communities. The service at Kuykuy Lodge has been perfected with the vast local and international experience of its owners, to make your stay in this beautiful environment a unique, sustainable experience and in harmony with your desire to rest, know and add value to your travel experience. The people that visit us discover the extraordinary elements of this place because they know what they are looking for.


Laid on independent lodges, each room has its own charm. Our service includes a complete and diverse breakfast with quality products locally made.

Witral 1

2 simple beds, suite bathroom.


4 single beds, bathroom en suite.

Witral 2

2 simple beds, en suite bathroom.


We love to receive you at our lodge, a bridge to the rich local culture

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Walking is certainly one of the best ways to visit the National Parks and wild areas of the area. In the tranquility of Nature you can disconnect on the hundreds of paths and trails that await you in maybe the most ancient forests, in the world, dating 180 millions years back, with or without a guide, easy or more demanding, depending on the interest of each visitor. An excellent opportunity to discover and observe the local flora and fauna.


Explore the old railway line, now converted into a bike path for those who enjoy to be active in open air. The two enabled sections will take you from Malalcahuello to Manzanar, and from Las Raíces Tunnel to Lonquimay, respectively, with a view of the beautiful Sierra Nevada. Certainly a local activity that awakens the senses.


A Bridge to the Pehuenche Culture. Share a morning or a full day with the members of the Community, learn about the pine nut harvest process, listen to traditional stories around the fire pit, where you can discover the deep bond that this culture has with its ancestral land, its cosmovision. Their customs and kindness are an integral part of what you will discover in the Araucania Andina.


Sail the crystal clear waters of Lake Icalma in the company of an expert guide. An entertaining excursion for the day from our lodge where you will discover the power of volcanoes and their connection with water. Untouched landscapes and extensive underwater flora fill this exploration of discoveries in this wild environment.


A Bridge to the Pehuenche Culture. Share a morning or a full day with the members of the Community, learn about the pinioning process, listen to traditional stories around the fire pit, where you can discover the deep bond that this culture has with its ancestral land. The volcanoes, the rivers, the skies that identify these peoples, their customs and friendliness are an integral part of the Wild Araucanía.


Practice randonnee skiing on the volcano slopes, or take a walk in the middle of the native araucaria forest with “maullos”, traditional Pehuenche snowshoes, made of local bamboo and leather. After this beautiful activity you can relax in our hot water tubs in front of a landscape like no other.


Guided and commented by muleteers and inhabitants of the area, we have horseback riding through the forests of araucaria trees, the mountains, the mountain pastures, lagoons, rest in natural hot springs, that is, a variety of unique adventures so you can feel natures force and share with local people.


From Kuykuy Lodge we can recommend for you to enjoy and know the special offer that combines raw materials only found locally that depend on the season of the year in which they are consumed, as well as the fusion of the above with gastronomic elements that have taken root in Araucanía. That is to say: You will be able to enjoy traditional and unique meals based on the Tradition and culinary customs of the food, an encounter with the authentic value of the Mountains and Valleys of the area.


Some years ago we considered contributing to the Mapuche cause from the appreciation and respect for their Culture. Through this project we want to contribute so that this culture remains alive in time and to be able to make it known. For this we wanted to become a Bridge (kuykuy in Mapudungun), which will connect our western culture with the Mapuche-Pehuenche culture.

One of the central values ​​on which the Mapuche culture is based is respect for Mother Earth, the search for balance between human beings and their land. This culture has an ancestral wisdom that teaches us how to live in balance with it, which is why we believe its existence as a culture and way of life today is even more relevant.

Our project achieves an associative tourism development with the Communities creating an experiential bridge between them and our guests. Together with them, we offer services and products that allow these Communities to transmit their history and customs.

Without a doubt, through this project we want to adhere to a new conception of tourism development that is based on the values ​​of Solidarity, Cooperation, Respect for Life, Conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems and the biological diversity that they harbor. The future today.


At Kuykuy Lodge, we are available to propose activity programs of 2, 3, or more days, according to your interests or needs. Feel free to contact us to design your personalized experience.